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Tracker's Tales: The Hamasa Crystal Part 2

Tracker's Tales
The Hamasa Crystal

Part 2: Cold Night, Wet Morning

As night fell over Hamasa all trace of the day's warmth vanished, replaced by a bitter, biting wind that forced its way through the cracks in the windows of the small room. Tracker shuffled restlessly under the thin bed-sheet trying to find some warmth so he could get to sleep. After the third hour, he gave up. He opened his eyes and looked over at Melody. Her teeth were chattering loudly as she slept.
"At least you got to sleep," Tracker whispered huffily as he climbed down from the bed. He headed for the saddlebag, which sat at the end of the bed. He focused magic in to his horn to illuminate it, the soft blue glow cut through the gloom giving the room a warm glow. Quietly he began rummaging through the bag. After a few minutes, he found what he was looking for.
"Ah there you are," he whispered as he pulled out a large fleece blanket from the bag. He unfurled the blanket and draped it over him
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Is no longer here. Feel free to enjoy the pictures though.


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